Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Hug in a Mug

I am enjoying yet another mug of hot tea on this chilly winter's day. I feel exhausted, suffering with ye olde winter blues and lack of sleep brought on by my daughter's teething, cold, and her general refusal to sleep a full night.

A cup of tea is the perfect tonic for such feelings.

This time a year ago, I couldn't even smell the stuff without my stomach attempting to do horrific somersaults, above the tiny person who was doing real somersaults inside me.

Morning sickness started when I was about 6 weeks pregnant, and from that moment on I couldn't even stare down a mug of tea, let alone drink it. The sickness finally abated at about 20 weeks but even then I still couldn't drink tea.

I missed it dreadfully, especially during the winter months when I wanted warming comfort. Cake and biscuits were nowhere near as enjoyable without a brew. I tried, on several occasions, to drink even just a small cup, but I couldn't manage it.

I began to fear that I would never be able to drink tea again. Me! Never drinking tea ever again. It was an unthinkable yet terrifying prospect.

After my daughter was born I was brought some refreshment. Water, toast, and...tea. Suddenly all those yucky feelings were gone and I was absolutely gasping for a cuppa, and I was able to drink every last drop. Even though it was a tepid NHS brew, it was just perfect.

I began making up for all those missed mugs over the past nine months. However, weeks went by where I never got a hot mug as I was so busy feeding my daughter or otherwise changing her nappy, winding her, cuddling her, taking her for walks, and then trying to catch up on sleep whenever she slept.

But the last few months I've sometimes been able to enjoy a hot, strong cup of builder's tea with a good helping of milk. Just what I need on a day like today. Lovely.

Professor Elemental raps about tea! Can't say I agree with him about Earl Grey, but we definitely share the same views on Assam and herbal teas!

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